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Additional Websites for patients:

  • Check out the "35 Ways" to Stay Bone Strong from the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF)!

           This interactive chart is fun and informative.

           (click on this link) https://www.bonetalk.org/35-ways


Lynn Kohlmeier, MD - Mark Olson, MD - Marla Emde, Public Health, FLS - Program Manager

  • Northern California Institute for Bone Health, Inc.  


Current, evidence-based information to keep your family healthy and fracture free! 

  • Nutritionfor Bone Health

​​          (click here)​

  • Men's Guide to Strong Bones

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  • ​Guide to Osteoporosis Prevention (click here

  • Building Strong Bones in Children and Adolescents   (click here

  • Know and REDUCE YOUR RISK of Osteoporosis (click here)​