Board of Directors: 

Marla Emde, FLS, BS  (Program Coordinator, Board of Directors)   

Marla Emde is our program coordinator and specialist in program planning and health education, implementing our screening efforts in the community as well as our Project ECHO Bone Health TeleECHO coordination. 

Strides For Strong Bones

P.O. Box 9688

Spokane WA 99209-9688



Lynn Kohlmeier, MD (Director) 

Dr. Kohlmeier is an endocrinologist specializing in osteoporosis, parathyroid, pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid conditions. For the last twenty years, she has been involved in patient care, research, CME speaking, and community educational events in Spokane, Washington. 
Dr. Kohlmeier and Marla Emde are the co-founders of the annual, "Strides for Strong Bones Awareness Walk" and 501(c)(3) nonprofit, providing free community screenings and education about osteoporosis and the prevention of fractures. 

Dr. Kohlmeier and her staff were in private practice in downtown Spokane from 1999 to 2014. From 2014 to 2018, their endocrine clinic was in the Spokane Valley with Spokane Internal Medicine, an independent group of primary care physicians and ARNPs. 
Currently, Dr. Kohlmeier is working with several rural clinics in the region to continue to provide endocrine care and can be contacted​ here: ( 

​For more information about Dr. Kohlmeier:  (CV click here)​ (BIO click here)

Mark Olson, MD (Board of Directors) 

Dr. Olson is one of the area's only orthopaedic surgeons specializing in the management, treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. Dr. Olson is committed to falls prevention, fracture reduction and bone health education and runs his own bone health clinic in Spokane.  

Joan Zimmer, ARNP (Board of Directors)

Country Home Nurse Practitioners, Spokane, WA

Joan’s focus is on family medicine, focusing on quality of life and preventative medicine, and has been a champion in promoting bone health and the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis for decades in Spokane, WA. She was the first recipient of the Osteoporosis Awareness Awards in 2009 from the WA Osteoporosis Coalition,

for both her professional and volunteer work in the community.

Janell Heinemann (Board of Directors)

After many years as a successful realtor, Janell has been active in community work and is an avid triathlete. We are lucky to have her networking prowess and enthusiasm for healthy lifestyles, falls prevention and bone health. Janell has been volunteering with our community events since 2015.​